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Meet Mirza Iqbal Ashraf author of the new
“Rumi’s Holistic Humanism: The Timeless Appeal of the Great Mystic Poet”
Mingle & Munch on tasty Middle Eastern hors d’ouevres
(hummus, baba ghanoush, stuffed grape leaves, falafel, pita, baklava & more)
(6:30 – 7:45pm)

Enjoy a beautiful world-class recital:
“Rumi’s Poetry & Music”
authentic Persian nay, tanbor & daf drum
Acclaimed musician Amir Vahab & Rumi presenter Peter Rogen
(in their 24th performance together) weave a unique ‘magic carpet’ of Rumi poems & songs.
(8:00 – 9:15pm)

More book-signing & mingling with Mirza,
who is also author of “Introduction to World Philosophies: A Chronological Progression.”
(9:15 – 10:00pm)

Tickets in advance: ($12) The Golden Notebook • 29 Tinker St., Woodstock NY
At the door: ($15) Kleinert/James Performing Arts Center • 34 Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY 12498

Rumi’s Holistic Humanism

Rumi’s Holistic Humanism: The Timeless Appeal of the Great Mystic Poet presents the mystic poet’s passionate conviction that “love is the strongest unifying force,” and that its force is present everywhere and in everything. It may encourage some to study the extraordinary work of Rumi that so often opens the heart of its adepts. For Rumi peace is the natural quest for a “whole person,” and the human being’s inclination to it arises from a natural universal order. In humankind’s fight to root out conflict, violence and war, Rumi’s holistic view of unconditional love may prove one of our best friends. His holistic approach to the phenomena of humankind includes that the perimeters between the self and the universe are mitigated to the extent that the material body becomes indistinct of its typical cultural identity.

Gamble everything for love
if you’re a true human being…
Half-heartedness never reaches into majesty.”

Available online at: • Codhill Press •
Hard cover edition only $16

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